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Project Management is an important piece of the puzzle, yes

But why not solve the whole puzzle?

Project management?

+ CRM, Time Tracking, Invoicing, Accounting & Client Portal?

Also yes.

A project management system is good. But add in a CRM, time tracking, invoicing & accounting that all work together, & it can be… super

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From just $15 per user, per month. See the long list of features you get right here…

Pretty. Damn good.

Highly Visual

We believe Project Management apps have 1 top priority - be appealing and interesting enough that users don't get bored

Customizable Kanban, Gantt & Fields

Don't plug your business into our Project Management app. Customize (easily) our app to plug into YOUR business. The way it should be.

Clean & Spacious Design

Uncluttered. Easy to navigate. Clean design so that your users feel good, rather than overwhlemed. It's all about UI, if you want people to actually get involved in your projects.

Color-Coded For Simplicity

Simple is easy. Which means a simple Project Management interface has much better user uptake.

All Of The Fruit, & Then Some

Calendar view, Kanban boards, Gantt chart, customizable fields, & so much more. More than you are likely to find in ANY other Project Management app. Try it out, compare it, we dare you...

“Everyone says their Project Management system is the good. But what MORE do I get with Projectsss?”, you may ask…

Full featured CRM

Project Management is the main course. CRM, Invoicing, Accounting & Client Portal - are the entree, dessert and after dinner digestif

Time Tracking

A simple but powerful TIME TRACKING feature, so you can add time spent on all projects & tasks, and it adds line items directly to customer invoices!


Projects are great. But without tracking time & costs associated on projects back to customers, they aren't the whole picture. So our Invoicing Module has you covered


So you have projects. You bill for time and materials. You create invoices. But then wouldn't it be nice to have those invoices already loaded into a customizable accounting system, so you can see not only revenue from invoices, but costs you incur on projects? Meet our Accounting Module

White Label - Your Brand Comes First, Not Ours

We match it to your branding and your style, because it's your app. This is part of the set-up process, and makes you look better to your users - ie your employees

Guaranteed Quick Implementation

We are willing to spend up to 60 mins, free of charge, with EVERY new client helping them set up the highly customizable Projectsss app so that it has your lingo, your priorities and your critical features - where they need to be.

Already have a Project Management system, or other systems in place? No problem – we already play well with others…

No, these are not real Projectsss users. But they look so happy…!


77% high performers

77% of ‘high performing’ projects use project management software


64% increased efficiency

64% of organizations that have integrated systems (eg project management + CRM + time tracking + invoicing + accounting etc)  reported significantly improved efficiency

No more spreadsheets.
No more hodge podge of different systems that don’t talk to each other.
Get projects talking to your other systems. Save your valuable time.

Custom Fields

Your business is unique. Your industry has its own terminology. So we've included custom fields so that you can create custom project, task, customer and invoice templates.

File Sharing

Upload and share files internally. Share them with clients. A simple but powerful file management & sharing module keeps everything where you want it. And with who you want.

Kanban Boards

Project management becomes far more appealing when it is visual. Customizable Kanban boards ensure that your projects are as visual & engaging as you need them to be.

Calendar View

Like comedy, projects are all about timing. The right tasks, completed by the right people, at the right time. The Calendar View in Projectsss means you can see everything and its timing.


A clean, simple but comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system. Cloud based, with customizable fields to match up exactly to your industry, your business, and your requirements as to what information matters to help you WIN, & KEEP customers.

Time Tracking

Whether you want to use our simple but very functional timer. Or manually override certain times to accommodate special circumstances. Whatever you want to achieve with tracking time spent on projects, our Timing module can help.


Don't get bogged down in the boring stuff... With Projectsss, when you log time against a Project, Task or Client, it automatically creates a draft invoice line item for each block of time, at the applicable billable rate.


Your cloud-based accounting system. Connect bank accounts, payroll, invoices & more. Let our end-to-end system manage everything for you from the creation of the project, through to collecting payments, accounting for them & more...

Want to see even MORE features? Check them out right here…

solve. the. puzzle.

Quick & easy to get started

Choose your own adventure

Choose a plan

Simple, comprehensive, or somewhere in between. You can always change it later

Let us add in your brand

White label - so your name is in lights, where it belongs. Your employees all see what you need them to - you leading the charge, with your brand front and centre

We'll import your data

All data from your other systems that you can export, we'll find a way to import if it can be done. If we have any issues - we will be upfront with you so you know exactly what to expect

Rock and roll

That's it - now you just get started... Steve Jobs said 'if it needs a manual, the product doesn't work'. We agree on that point - so although we'll give you the manual, the modules are designed to be easy to use, and quick to get used to

+ CRM, time tracking
invoicing & accounting
…the whole puzzle

Get Started

  • Try it out. 90 day money back guarantee