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What in tarnation is Projectsss (you may ask)?!?

Projectsss (by those idiosyncratic quirksters over at Teknocrat) is a hybrid between Project Management, and Workflow Automation.

So…. imagine Trello… on steroids…. mixed with a drill sargent that keeps your processes, your forms, and your projects on track per the customized, versatile business rules that we build into the platform on your behalf (once we understand what you want out of your projects, your processes and your team).

Projectsss is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution for Project Management, and or Workflow Automation. It’s a ‘your size fits you, and we tailor the fit according to a whole bunch of your feedback so that what you get does exactly what you want’ solution. Your business shouldn’t plug into your Project Management and Workflow Automation tools – the tool should plug into your business. So that’s what we make it do. Try it out.

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