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Hard to say. Easy to use.

Employee self-service. Everything in one place.

Because happy employees means happy… well… you.

Payslips, timesheets, leave, expenses, superannuation, tax, contact details

inductions, incidents, OH&S, documents, policies, benefits… all accessible to your employees, in 1 place.

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From just $3, per active employee, per month. See the long list of features you get right here

All of your employee information is fully encrypted and stored on Amazon’s world class secure servers. GDPR and privacy legislation compliant.


20% more productive

According to a recent article in Forbes, happier employees are approximately 20% more productive. And one of the key sources of employees being happier, was feeling like they were ‘in the know’ regarding their working conditions – their accruals, their pays, their leave and everything that was often not readily accessible information unless they took the time to ask.


People want to matter

“In his book, The Truth About Employee Engagement, Patrick Lencioni boils it down to wanting to feel like who you are matters (you want people to know your name), that what you do has an impact (that you’re engaged in relevant work) and you’re making progress…”. This being said, having their own space, within an app built just for them, is a big step in the right direction for most employees.

No more spreadsheets. No more repetitive emails & phone calls from staff.
Features that protect and save your valuable time.


Employees take their pays seriously. They want to see their payslips, and having them all neatly stored in the one place for them to review, download and print whenever they want to, is something they appreciate. A lot.


Time and attendance records, historical timehseets, hours they've worked and entitlements they've accrued. Having these visible and readily available, where they don't have to contact HR and ask for copies... nice.


Leave requests, leave approval or rejection, leave accruals, leave calculators, leave approval workflow, leave history and forecast accruals. All via an app, all at the click of a thumb. Or two thumbs.

Tax & Super

Tax file number forms & updates, group certificates, superannuation and change of super fund forms, records & compliance, all of it. In the one app. With complete form and document management included.


Expense reimbursement forms, uploading copies of receipts, requesting expense approval in advance. Anything and everything expense related, in 1 place. As well as historical records for employees to see what they did, and when. Organized.

Employee Profile

Contact details, licenses, copies of qualifications pertaining to their role, job title, department, social profile details, tax file number and bank details, you name it. Employees update info themselves, HR & managers save time.

Employee Helpdesk

Cutting edge employee Helpdesk & Ticket system. Centralise & address all employee issues. OH&S, uniforms, incident reporting or just them needing a new set of keys - everything you want, in one place. No more random calls, no more lost emails.

Links To Other Systems

Direct links to any and all other systems that your employees may need to log into - including the ability for SSO (Single Sign On) to turn Employyy into the easy, powerful one-stop-shop so that all employees can access everything, in 1 place. Awesome.

Want to see even MORE features? Check them out right here…

Employyy is its name. ‘Versatile’ should be its middle name. Make it into exactly what you and your employees want it to be…

Make it playful
Everyone loves a clean, well designed app. Especially when it's all about them. Their pay, their leave, their hours, their worklife - easily accessible, informative, always on.
Make it a time saver
For HR, for managers, for employees. The sheer volume of repetitive communications from employees to their employers around the housekeeping items that make up their job - is astounding. So centralise it, organise it, and neutralise it's impost on your time.
Make it prominent
Employyy comes with push notifications to the mobile app, desktop notifications to the desktop app, SMS notifications if required, and of course it has comprehensive email notification settings. So it's prominent and it's ready to answer employee queries so that you don't have to.
Make it global
However may employees you have, however many departments, however many locations and however many regions. Employyy is a web and mobile app that goes anywhere you and your employees go. It's everywhere you are.
Make it your reminder system
Have hundreds or thousands of employees who need to update licenses, tickets, copies of ID, copies of qualifications, tax paperwork, superannuation details and or anything and everything else? Let Employyy do the chasing up for you, and the reminding for you. That's what it does.
Make it light and fluffy
It's cloud based, so why not make it as light and fluffy as a cloud? By that we mean - easy user interface, familiar design (white label branding to suit your organization's brand) and as easy to navigate as you make it. Light. Fluffy. Effective.
Make it accelerate productivity
The average employee spends up to 8 hours per week on non-work related or non-productive activities. Asking their managers or HR team for copies of documents, reprints or reissues of their employment-related records, or just querying something employment related - is one of the top time killers. So let Employyy dramatically reduce the knock-on effect of employee issues and queries - by having all the answers ready and waiting for them.
Make it a value add
Employers get review these days. Glassdoor gets 50,000,000 unique visits per month. Indeed and Career Bliss are also picking up steam for employer reviews. If you want to stay 1 step ahead in the competitive environment of hiring the best talent - having a dedicated employee app, with an inbuilt Employee Helpdesk... could be a small step for your organization, but a giant leap for how you are perceived. Yes, we said that.
one. stop. shop.

Quick & easy to get started

Choose your own adventure.

Choose a template

Light, dark, colourful, whatever you want

We have out-of-the-box templates that you can choose from, so that your employee self-service app truly is yours...

Add in your brand

White label - so your name is in lights

It's as easy as a few clicks to choose your app name, upload your logo, and choose the fonts / basic stylesheet that turns a template, into a reflection of your organizations' personality

Import your staff

Staff details, documents and profile info

We have powerful data importation tools so that you can be up and running, with all of your critical staff details like names, contact details, DOB's, start dates, departments, etc - loaded in so that you can get flying in no time... we can also help you integrate with just about any major HRIS, payroll, time & attendance systems if you want to automate the flow of information to and from your Employyy app...

Rock and roll

That's it - now you just get started...

Set up your users, permissions, who can help administrate or add data into your Employyy platform and who is just able to read their own employment related information. Keep tweaking the platform with its boundless options to make it suit your employees' needs and wants, as you go...

Get Started

  • 30 day free trial. No obligation.
    See Employyy in action and see if it's the right fit for you.

Turns out you can put a price on happiness. Increasing your employees’ happiness, and your managers’ too.

It starts at $3, per employee, per month…

employee self service

It’s about time.


Every phone call you can save from an employee asking about a payslip. Every email you can save from an employee advising of a change in details. Every minute of a managers’ time you can save. Every question that is the same question you’ve answered a hundred times before, that you can pre-empt.

The amount of housekeeping-related time lost by both HR staff and lin managers, that could be saved with the right app (read: Employyy!) is astounding.
So go ahead, try it out. Be astounded.


You know, in a really good way.

Save time. Save hassle. Save the day.

Happy staff, who feel informed and feel looked after, are productive staff.

Most medium to large employers use multiple applications to manage their employees’ wages, time and attendance, leave accruals, benefits, and more.

Employyy brings everything into one neat, tidy, seamless app for employees to see what they need to see, and do what they need to do, on the frontend. Nice.

So no matter how complex or multi-layered your back-of-house systems are – you can keep your front-of-house employee-facing app, super simple and super unified. The way it should be.

Get Started

  • 30 day free trial. No obligation.
    See Employyy in action and see if it's the right fit for you.

Save every employee time. Give every employee quicker and better access to all of their employee-related information.

From just $3, per employee, per month. Get started, get ahead of the curve.